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Meaningful connections are critical to employee retention & morale, especially for new hires.
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Network analysisGet a good view of your employee network and get down to the nitty gritty with filters and highlights.

Show me the numbers

Connectivity at work is more important than ever:

person_remove44% of employees don't have a true friend at work
logout71% stronger intention to quit amongst those with few friends
The Connection Crisis: Why community matters in the new world of work.arrow_outward

In our latest case study, of the 200 participating employees:

group_add66% became work friends
chat85% plan to stay in touch
add_reaction97% are glad they met
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Build close-knit community

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Thred's approach uses a combination of interest-based smart matching and organizational network analysis to build strong social connections at work.
We facilitate 1:1 meetups and help you mitigate the risks and understand the opportunities in your employee network.
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Let the people speak

"For us on the People Ops team, it was valuable to see the before and after picture of the network and to watch our "high-risk" folks move from isolated to connected."
Jess Lam, People Ops
"I think this program is a welcomed addition to company activities. It increased exposure to other employees and promotes other non-work activities that can benefit work-related activities."
Employee participant

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