The core experience of the Thred program relies on 1:1 connections based on shared interests.
Connections that actually stick.
Deep shared interests make for great connections. That’s why we ask employees about their interests, hobbies, and passions. Our algorithm uses that data to make 1:1 introductions—or Stitches—for those who are likely to hit it off.
No-hassle scheduling.
Once employees are in on Thred, we add 1:1 calls in Google Meet or Microsoft Teams directly to their calendars. Done. No scheduling standstills, no time wasted going back and forth on calendars. This does wonders for participation and engagement.
Connectivity for all, not just for the extroverts.
By leaning on shared interests, we remove a lot of the anxiety that comes with meeting someone new.
“What are we going to talk about?” Easy—it’s in the invite.
“What am I going to ask them?” No problem. We made a list of interest-specific questions.