Thred applies a series of network analysis algorithms to capture details about your organizational structure that aren't obvious at first.
Instantly understand your employee network.
Our dynamic network visualization makes it easy to see silos, knowledge gaps, and isolation risks that would’ve been otherwise impossible to find. Those risks come with insights, recommendations, and most importantly—solutions. You don’t have to lift a finger.
Get to know your people.
We segment folks into personas based on 3 measures of network centrality:
1. Connectedness
2. Influence
3. Impact on network health
When we layer those measures on top of each other, we can uncover some fascinating groups. Hidden Influencers, for example, are low connectedness, high influence folks. They become major turnover risks when any of their main connections leave, and they sneakily make perfect change champions.
Get more intentional about your culture.
Shared interests makes building communities is easy. We give you the top interests that your employees love, along with ideas for company get-togethers based on them. Those interests can turn into super engaging Slack channels, ERGs, and interests groups
Measure success.
Adding network analysis to our connectivity solution allows us to measure the impact of the program and answer questions such as:
How much did we reduce loneliness at work?
How did we impact intent to stay?
How much more easily does knowledge flow through the network after Thred?
Want to see the network analysis in action? Check out demo mode.