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Product overview

Thred's platform creates real, meaningful connections to combat loneliness at work. Happier, well-connected employees do their best work and are more likely to stay at their companies. Continue on for our approach.


Gather data

Interest inventory

We start with a short, straight-forward interest inventory which collects employees' interest and hobby data. We also ask about employees' existing connections, both to avoid matching friends and to paint a clearer picture of the network.

Personalized interests report

After completing the interest inventory, employees get a personalized interest report straight to their inbox – a quick, fun summary of their interests, along with some extra goodies like a personality-type-esque persona and a QR code to share/compare with others.

Check out the interest inventory and get your interest report here.


Interest inventory demo


Facilitate connections

1:1 Stitches

The core experience of the Thred program relies on 1:1 connections based on shared interests. Deep shared interests make for great connections. That’s why we ask employees about their interests, hobbies, and passions. Our algorithm uses that data to make 1:1 introductions—or Stitches—for those who are likely to hit it off.

Name tags

Our event offerings rely on the same underlying survey data as the virtual connections, but optimize for the encounters you might have in real life at an event or conference. We provide name tags that display a QR code. Scanning that code will reveal commonalities between 2 coworkers and activate quick games anchored around discovering their shared interests as a team. Our event uses the same interest data as our connection platform—no extra prep or pre-reqs required—just grab the name tags and go.


Visualize the data

Network analysis

After collecting connection data both pre- and mid-program, we visualize the network to help HR identify gaps, flight risks, and silos.

We segment folks into personas based on 3 measures of network centrality:

1. Connectedness

2. Influence

3. Impact on network health

When we layer those measures on top of each other, we can uncover some fascinating groups. Hidden Influencers, for example, are low connectedness, high influence folks. They become major turnover risks when any of their main connections leave, and they sneakily make perfect change champions.

Aggregate interest data

We also provide aggregate interest data to help make data-driven decisions about morale events and employee interest groups. Check out top employee interests across departments and locations, with AI-generated suggestions for events for each interest.

Check out the demo network analysis and interest data here.


Dashboard demo

“[Loneliness] is more widespread than many other health issues including smoking, diabetes, and obesity.”

Dr. Vivek Murthy, US Surgeon General

Use cases

Employee experience

Connection is critical to an enjoyable work experience. Better connected employees are less likely to leave their jobs and are more likely to engage meaningfully (e.g., not taking vacation-sick-days).

Onboarding & hiring

Reduce candidate reneging rates and improve 1-year retention by making sure new hires make a friend in the first two weeks. Take it a step further by connecting candidates to current employees even before they get to the office to increase preboarding excitement. This is critical to reducing attrition for new hires who otherwise might struggle to make a friend early on.

Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

After a merger or acquisition, some sentiment of us vs. them is almost guaranteed. Get ahead of uncomfortable new social dynamics by getting folks from both companies to connect on a personal level. This makes for better engagement, less attrition, and fewer knowledge silos.

Return to office (RTO)

Coming into the office on a regular basis can be a challenge, especially adjusting to new or changed social dynamics. Knowing someone else in the office on a deeper level helps reduce that uncertainty – and also creates a new, intrinsic reason to come in. Every new friend is a new reason to make the commute work!

Event planning

Want to be more confident in your morale programming before spending too much on it? Thred's aggregated interest data allows you to make sure your planned events match your employees' interests and hobbies. You can also slice and dice the data by department, location, and work mode to make even more granular decisions.

Event networking

Using the name tag solution described above, add a fun twist to the classic networking event. Help folks quickly find common interests and deepen the potential connections by providing interest name tags and encouraging discussion about topics they both relate to.


Interns want strong relationships out of their experience. Help interns build those connections in a short time to onboard them faster and increase the chance they accept those return offers.